Andrew Gilmour and Associates on your doorstep - a
new practice offers a multidisciplinary approach
Highly-skilled specialists in the following: Osteopathy | Physiotherapy | Spinal Physician
Sports and Exercise medicine | Physiotherapy-based pilates | Psychology and CBT

Andrew Gilmour and Associates bring a team of highly-skilled specialists with them
to their new practice between Aldeburgh and Woodbridge, in Suffolk.

The primary aim is to find the most appropriate solution to a patient's skeletal problems via the disciplines offered in-house or through a trusted network of clinicians associated with the practice. "Our team approach, based on more than 30 years experience of osteopathy and physical medicine, provides patients with a skill-set second to none in the county," explains Andrew Gilmour. "It enables early diagnosis and the best treatment possible for given spinal or physical problem as well as optimisation of general health and well-being through exercise and nutrition to prevent re- occurring or new injuries".

Andrew Gilmour and Associates's specialist areas include:

Spinal physician
Sports & Exercise and Musculoskeletal    Medicine
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Physiotherapy-based Pilates
MRI and Imaging Services


Osteopathy is a way of treating damaged parts of the body, such as muscles, ligaments, nerves and joints. It is the aim of osteopaths to achieve the best possible body balance so that it will function with the minimum of wear, stress and energy; most treatment is carried out by osteopaths using their hands.

Andrew Gilmour has been practising for more than 30 years. He has been involved on the General Osteopathic Council and in assessing graduating osteopaths. His special interest is in the treatment and management of spinal problems.

Felix Cory-Wright believes it is of vital importance to ascertain the root cause of an ailment, rather than focus on simply treating the symptoms, and does this by addressing the triad of structural, biochemical and psychological obstacles to health.

Mark Endacott is an experienced physiotherapist with a special interest in the treatment of sports injuries. While osteopathy helps in the initial phase of treatment, physiotherapy helps with rehabilitation. It also has a role in the prevention of re-occurring problems including:

Sports injury rehabilitation
Rehabilitation before and after surgery
Improvement in 'core stability' - invaluable in the recovery from spinal problems
Structural Integration- changing longstanding postural dysfunction.

Spinal Physician
Dr Simon Harley has worked as a spinal physician at Ipswich Hospital and is a general practitioner; he is highly skilled in the management of complex spinal and musculoskeletal problems, including the use of injecting techniques and the management of chronic pain.

Sports and Exercise medicine
Dr Chris Rufford is a Sports and Exercise physician and a clinical senior lecturer at St Bartholomew's and the Royal London School of Medicine. He treats patients with all types of musculoskeletal problems and performs joint and soft tissue injections. He also has expertise in using exercise as a health tool to improve a patient's wellbeing.

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Physiotherapy-based pilates
Julie Endacott is a chartered physiotherapist with a specialist interest in pilates for those recovering from injuries of all kinds. Julia offers one-to-one and group classes which are suitable for all ages and fitness levels.


Psychology and CBT
Julie Colthorpe has over 30 years of experience as a psychologist working in both primary and secondary care. She has a Postgraduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy and is accredited with the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP).
Andrew Gilmour and Associates at Tollgate Cottage Melton Woodbridge
Andrew Gilmour and Associates - on your doorstep. With easy access from the A12 and easy parking, the practice is ideally located for patients coming from throughout the county, wishing to avoid town centre congestion.

Call 01394 387818 to make an initial appointment or to discuss the treatment options available or go to for up-to-date information on all treatments offered, advice on self-help and exercise; and details of conditions that can be treated.

Tollgate Cottage - Yarmouth Rd - Melton - Woodbridge IP12 1QF

Osteopathy and Physiotherapy

"At Andrew Gilmour and Associates, our team of specialists determine the most appropriate treatments for a patient's specific problem"